Individuals planning a move can get sensational moving services from our Manhattan company. The hassle of transporting your belongings can be much easier when using a hired moving service. Butterfield Movers offers convenience and speed, making your relocation a success.

Local Moving Services

Individuals moving short distances can find incredibly easy local moving services for the job. These services are available for NYC-area moves under a 50-mile radius. The costs for local moving services are typically much lower than longer distance moves. Individuals can opt for the transportation services only, or they can choose the full-service local moving services that include help with packing and loading as well.

Long Distance Moving Services

When people are planning a long distance move, individuals should check into available long distance moving services that can make this task much easier. Cost varies per services desired and per company moving fee rates. The services are often based on the weight of the load; the distance traveled and the number of moving employees necessary for the job. This moving option is often reasonably priced when individuals account for the costs of fuels and wear and tear on a personal vehicle if they were to move their belongings by themselves.

Loading/Unloading Moving Services

Many professional moving companies also offer extremely convenient loading and unloading moving services. This takes the burden of heavy lifting off of the individual planning to move. Most companies that offer this terrific service will have guidelines with regards to packing that individuals will need to follow. There might be some weight restrictions or other circumstances that the moving party should be aware of. When hiring a company that provides these services, inquire about any limitations upfront. If the company is unloading in the new location, they will need access to the new property.

Storage Options

Some professional moving services have storage options available for those customers that need this. Often, individuals planning a long distance move might need storage temporarily. Usually, moving companies own rental storage units. Most companies offer free or reduced storage rates for the first month or more. This is a wonderful option for individuals renting out their homes while they travel abroad, or families waiting for a new home to be built.

Commercial/Office Move Services

Commercial businesses or offices planning a move can find superior moving services adept at handling these kinds of jobs. There might be heavy equipment and office supplies that require heavy lifting and large moving space. Moving companies often have reduced rates for certain commercial move services.

Residential Moving Services

Those needing residential moving services can find reliable residential moving services able to help. Rates vary between different companies and the size and weight of the moved items. Rates also differ if moving long distances opposed to a shorter local move. Packing, loading and unloading services may also be available for additional fees.

Individuals needing any professional moving services in the Manhattan area have many fantastic moving service options.