About Butterfield Movers

Butterfield Movers is a NYC moving company ready to help you with your relocation needs. Based in Manhattan, with locations in Brooklyn and the Bronx, we offer unrivaled convenience to our New York City customers. Our mission is to make your move a success, which to us means easing the burden and stress of relocating, while ensuring your move is still affordable.

Specializing in Long Distance Services

Though we perform thousands of local NYC moves every year, our real specialty is offering long distance moves. We offer weekly cross country moving services to and from the New York area to California and Florida, two of the most popular moving routes. But, rest assured, no matter where your move takes, you, whether Montana or Texas, our team will ensure a safe, easy relocation.

Licensed and Insured

Two of the most important things to look for when shopping around for a moving company are licensing and insurance. By state and federal law, NYC movers must register with the New York and United States Department of Transportation. To register, moving companies must show proof of insurance. Butterfield Movers is a licensed and insured moving company,  so you can be sure your things are in the hands of a reputable mover.