A job promotion, family relocation, significant other, or the call of city life has you wondering whether or not you should move to New York City. The food, culture, job opportunities, and general hustle are enough to make anyone consider the move. You decide to make the leap, and now it’s time to figure out all those pesky logistics. Housing, transportation, and the move itself will take some planning before the big day.

1. Finding a Place

Apartment hunting in New York City comes with many loose ends. If you take a trip to the city to investigate new digs, you might consider signing a two or three-month sublet somewhere in the general vicinity of where you think you want to be. That gives you a little time to live in the city and find an apartment that you could fathom living in for over a year. You may find that neighborhoods just outside hot spots are a better value, whether you’re planning to rent or buy.

You’ll want to scout places using Google Earth or similar software to get a street view and a sense of the building and best NYC neighborhoods before you go check places out. If you’re on a tight schedule the first time you scout, this will help to narrow things down. Bring your money with you in case you see something you like; waiting could very probably cost you the opportunity.

Renting and buying come with strings; often there are intense income and credit checks that accompany both. Buyers are often subject to a co-op board that cares about more than just straightforward factors. Be prepared for your neighbors to get to know you. You may also want to have a guarantor or a backer in mind in case you’re asked to co-sign with someone who makes more money and is prepared to pick up your rent should things go awry after your move.

2. Transportation

You probably won’t need (or want) your own vehicle in NYC. Car services like Zipcar exist for the few times that you’ll need one, and parking can be quite expensive in garages with monthly service fees. Cabs and subways are your new best friends. If you must have a vehicle, you might base your decision about where to live on which areas have the most accessible parking spots.

3. Moving Day

Time, planning, and patience will serve you well on moving day. Pay your buddies in pizza and beer and get ready to bring as many hands as possible. You may have to navigate tricky one-way streets, parking, and a lot of logistics to get your belongings into your new place. So, if you have the budget, consider hiring NYC movers; professionals that have to navigate the ins and outs of moving on a daily basis are much better equipped for handling your move. They can get you moved into your tiny apartment up five flights of stairs in no time!

4. Celebrating

After the move is done, make time to celebrate. Your old and soon to be new friends will find ample opportunities for partying and clubbing in the city. Take advantage of the new opportunities you’ve afforded and let loose.

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